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Dr Vesa Karhu

Vesa founded Proveka Ltd in 2004. Vesa is also the chairman of the board of Proveka. Before founding Proveka he worked in consultancy companies, construction companies and VTT, where he led many research and development projects. Vesa has also worked abroad, in Chalmers in Sweden in the end of 80s, in TNO  in the Netherlands and in Building Research Institute in Japan in mid 90s.

Vesa has more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry. Vesa obtained M.Sc. (Tech.) at Tampere University of Technology in 1989. He received an SKF-stipendium for the best diploma work of Chalmers 1989. He defended his doctoral thesis successfully at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2001. He has written 10 publications, 6 refereed scientific articles and 8 other articles. He has also participated in many conferences. Vesa speaks, in addition to Finnish and Swedish, the official languages of Finland, fluently English and Spanish. He also speaks Japanese, German, and Russian.

In his freetime, you may find him often in kayaking. In flatwater racing he has obtained more than 40 medals in the Finnish championships, of which 4 individual gold medals in senior men (K-1) and 4 in team (K-2 and K-4). He was more than 10 years in the national team of Finland. In his youth, he also obtained 3 times gold medals in Finnish championships in karting (go-cart). The answer to the question "how much is your bench press?" is 152.5 kg.

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