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IT-solutions for building construction industry

Quantity Proveka Quantity is a tool to calculate quantities of a building project.
  • ready-to-use formulas
  • grouping
  • references to drawings
Estimator Proveka Estimator is a tool to plan, estimate and follow-up of building project.
  • cost estimation of new buildings and renovation
  • estimation of designt and planning costs
  • estimation and comparison of alternative building parts and techniques
  • estimation of tenders
  • an aid for procurement of material and subcontracting
  • an aid to manage costs of building project

Proveka Procurement is a tool to manage procurement and related information of building project.

  • project management of new building and renovation
  • management of a building project as a whole
  • management of subcontracting and materials
Is integrated into Proveka Procurement
Proveka Schedule is seamlessly integrated into Proveka Estimator and Proveka Procurement -modules. Proveka Shedule offers
  • Gantt-chart
  • flowlne -chart
  • resource usage
  • sub-schedules

Other IT-solutions for building construction industry
Proveka QualityManagement of quality system and documentation.
Proveka SynchronizerSynchronizes Lotus Domino address books, any address book with any address book.
Proveka Site LogA web-based solution to support keeping a log about all matters at the site.
Proveka Project Bank

A web-based solution for project partners.

  • easy to maintain
  • data can be extracted to, e.g. CD

IT-solutions for chemistry and other industry
Proveka Molecular DynamicFor manipulation of molecular data.

Analysis of business processes and strategy 

  • Current business process
  • Target business process
  • Roadmap

For an analysis of business processes and it-systems, we use Proveka Process Analysis -methodology, which enables You to define the needs precisely.

For more information, please contact:

Vesa Karhu, CEO, D.Tech. (email in format firstname.surname(at)

phone +358 50 323 4772, Skype: proveka, sales(at)

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